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When one speaks of the Naples, FL market, the term ‘Naples’ includes Bonita Springs and Estero. The entire area is pristine clean with manicured lawns and flowers which are rotated around as the seasons change. Naples is really a new community. Fifty years ago, Naples was a tiny quiet community on the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the fabulous sub-tropic weather, Naples is a magnet for people wanting to escape the cold winter weather of the North while at the same time enjoying summer temperatures which are cooler than what you experience in the northern states. If this interests you, consider buying a Naples home for sale. Real estate and property for sale in Naples is a great value these days.

Naples, Florida, government wise, is a very small area of about 20,000 people. However, Naples as an area is enormous. In Season, which is Christmas through Easter, population swells to about 350,000. There are many beautiful individual communities many of which are gated. The majority of my clients that purchase Naples homes for sale, within a 10 minutes drive to pristine soft white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The Naples Chamber of Commerce will tell you that there is more retail square footage per capita than in any other area in the U.S. There is a shopper in all of us!

If you are not familiar with the area, one might expect to find a mostly retired laid back community. This is not the case. So often someone relocating to Naples, FL after a busy professional life will express concern that they will find things to do. When I see them a year later and ask how they are doing, the typical reply is that they are so busy, they can’t find time to do projects that are on their 2-do list!! The average age of the population is about 43 years old. If you go out to play golf or tennis on a typical work day, you won’t find the average age enjoying the Naples lifestyle. The younger generation(s) are working or in school. When you go out for dinner at night, you will see the same demographics that you see when you go out up North.

Bonita Springs and Estero
and to the North, and wanting to have easy access to the beaches and still wanting to be close to the golf courses, tennis courts and community club houses, people literally were forced to consider a Bonita Springs or Estero address. Both Bonita Springs and Estero, FL are an expansion of the Naples lifestyle. Buying Bonita Springs real estate and Estero property for sale, lets you experience that greatness of Naples. There are as many shops and restaurants and over all general infrastructure as there is in Naples. And yet if one wants to go The Phil (Naples Philharmonic Center For the Arts) or to Fifth Avenue or Olde Naples, it is a very reasonable drive. It can be said that a Bonita or Estero address may cost you less than a Naples address !!!