Bundled Golf / Naples / N. Naples

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Bundled Golf? What is it? The Naples real estate market and the Bonita real estate market has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. according to the Chamber of Commerce. And they continue to build them. There are three types of golf: (1) private or what used to be called equity memberships where someone could ‘join’ the club and pay an initiation fee and where the number of members per 18 holes was restricted to a particular number … let’s say 325 members per 18 holes; (2) bundled golf exists in a community built around a golf course and club house where full membership rights are bundled together with ‘title’ to the property and automatically pass from a seller to a buyer at closing without additional cost to the new owner. Since every ‘front door’ is automatically a full member, in most cases, the number of members is typically around 800 front doors or members per 18 holes. Whereas there is no initiation fee, members do pay annual dues to maintain the facility. Because there are more members per 18 holes than in an equity club, the annual fee structure is considerably less than an equity club. (3) public golf is public golf. There are several public courses around the Naples and Bonita areas.

The area typically referred to as Naples and North Naples, which is simply a designation, would consist of communities north of Pine Ridge and further out Immokalee Road. The original bundled communities in the North Naples area would be Stonebridge Country Club and Vanderbilt Country Club. As the Naples real estate market continues to expand east on Immokalee Road, bundled golf communities continue to grow.