So you are (were) hoping to ‘steal’ a property at bargain prices? !! Wrong!!

We continue to get potential clients looking to get in on rock bottom prices. A client will call us saying that they want to steal a property at bargain basement prices and still expect additional discounts. Well, your time is gone. You missed this boat.

Naples real estate prices, Bonita Springs real estate prices and Estero real estate prices are definitely on the upswing. This is even evidenced (which means it must be true!) by the national media who reported on June 5th in the Naples Daily News that ‘Home Prices (are) Up’. Naples area floats near the top of a rising tide seen across the nation. The article stated that home prices, including distressed sales, increased 10.8% compared to a year earlier. On a month-over-month basis, prices increased 5.1%. Excluding distressed sales, they rose 13.2% year-over-year and 3% over the previous month.

This information does not include Lee County.

The Naples / Bonita / Estero market does not reflect the national picture. This market’s action is very active these days with prices being driven by substantially reduced inventory.

If you wanted to get in on bargain prices, we wish we could help you but you missed this boat.

June 6, 2013