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Smarter Ways To Sell Your Naples House Online

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

There are fewer houses being purchased so Naples, FL sellers need to do everything they can to make their house stand out from the plethora of other houses on the market. Using social media and any online presence is helpful for selling houses, but it’s more important to engage and relate to the buyers. Larry Halpin can help!

Whether the home being sold is a suburban rancher perfect for young families or a move-in ready condo for single urban professionals, a wealth of high-tech tools is available to help sellers target the most likely buyers. Unfortunately, tech experts say, most people are misusing them.

Many people put a listing up online and hope the buyer finds it, that method can backfire if it looks too much like spam. Putting listings up where people hang out online like facebook, twitter, and YouTube and forming a relationship with potential buyers’ works more efficiently.

Target your marketing in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero. While you can’t target specific groups to certain homes you can target certain areas. Marketing a home in unique manner intruges buyers more than just a posting on a site. But be careful not to single anyone out.

Harness the new breed of advertizing. The best way to target a buyer without discriminating a buyer is by using facebook. Digital media allows you to target buyers who are relocating to Florida.

Sell the neighborhood. One way to draw in buyers is to promote the area around Naples. Let potential buyers know great facts about the area.

There are many ways the online marketing can help you sell houses, you just have to be willing to try them.

5 reasons to buy a small house in Naples

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Naples has many beautiful homes that range from large luxury homes to smaller starter homes, finding the perfect one for you can be overwhelming. Due to the economy, mansions are being sold at rock bottom prices, but should you really buy one? Living in a smaller house has some benefits.

Small houses cost less, not even buy but also to heat and cool. Home projects such as painting cost less in a smaller house, even furnishing and decorating costs more in larger homes. Bonita Springs has beautiful homes that aren’t enormous, but are very spacious.

Small homes in Estero save time. A large house takes longer to clean and maintain the yard. You can use the extra time to do something you enjoy like explore Florida.

A smaller home in FL means less clutter. You wont have unlimited amounts of storage space, so you will be forced to simplify your home.
When making updates, like investing in new countertops, you can splurge because there is less space to cover. You can have quality upgrades.

Smaller homes in Naples, Florida are easier to sell. Buyers are interested in energy-efficient homes. Larry Halpin can help you find the home of your dreams no matter that size.

Knowing the safe signs of neighborhoods in Naples

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Although safe neighborhoods aren’t hard to find in Naples, here are a few tips to make sure you find a neighborhood that fits your needs. Due to fair housing laws Larry Halpin isn’t allowed to use the word safe to describe a neighborhood. But you will be told to check out the area you are considering. This is exactly what you should do.

Walk around the neighborhood in Naples, Bonita Springs or Bonita Springs at several different times throughout the day. Trust your gut. You will be a part of the neighborhood after you buy a house there. Make sure the neighborhood fits your wants and needs just like the house does.

While walk around your potential Florida neighborhood look at the other houses. Are any of them abandoned, are there any missing street lights? The broken window rule comes into play here. If there aren’t many dark and lonely spots, chances are you’re safe. You and your neighbors are the first line of defense. Look for a neighborhood in FL that takes pride in the neighborhood.

See if your new neighborhood is built with safety in mind. While walking through the neighborhood, here are a few things to look for. Multiple use areas like parks, well maintained land and buildings, people out walking.

You can also find crime data online. But keep in mind that the data doesn’t tell the whole story. Your best bet is to talk to your prospective neighbors. Let them tell you about the Naples neighborhoods.

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Buying or Selling in Naples? You Need a Superstar Agent

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Having a superstar agent like Larry Halpin is vital to your success. Having a great agent can help you sell your house for top dollar, or getting the house of your dreams at a reasonable price. You want a professional in your corner that will go the extra mile.
Finding and selling a house are stressful enough, let Larry Halpin help. Having experience in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, means they know the market and will get you the best deal possible. Referrals are the most popular way to find a Realtor in Florida. With there being so many Realtors in FL, in order to find a superstar agent like Larry Halpin you need to ask a few questions.
Ask what their commission is. The agent will be working hard for you to negotiating isn’t always best. They have to work really hard to sell your house in the current market.
How often will I hear from you? The agent’s communication style and availability should match yours.
What are you plans for marketing my house? There Is no guarantee that any agent can sell you home, but they know the steps what will get the buyers attention.
What do you know about the neighbors where I want to live? Agents have a wealth of information at their finger tips. They are more than willing to share it with you.
Finding an agent and be difficult but finding a superstar one is easy. Look no further than Larry Halpin. They will help you buy and sell your home in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero.

Don’t Turn Off Naples Buyers

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

There are a few things that sellers should avoid having in their house in order to sell the house quickly. With the help of a great agent like Larry Halpin and following these tips, your house is far more likely to sell. If you stage the house correctly and have a good agent, the house should only be on the market for a few weeks, ideally.

There is nothing that buyers hate more than a dirty house. Get your house in the best condition you can, go the extra mile, steam clean, and replace the carpet. Make sure the house is free of clutter and everything is grim free.

It’s said that buyers in Naples, buy with their nose, so make sure the house smells fresh and inviting. Don’t cook anything smelly like fish or fried food while the house in on the market. Eliminate all trace of your pets, not just the smell, not everyone loves animals. The same applies if you’re a smoker; get rid of the smell and all signs of a smoker, no ashtrays present, clean the curtains.

Replace old fixtures. New cabinet doors and knobs can make a remarkable difference. Ceiling fans, kitchen appliances and lighting fixtures should also be updated. Get rid of wallpaper. Buyers are not interested in having anything to do with wallpaper. Wallpaper is very personal so it’s unlikely that the buyer will also love what you have.

Having too many personal items inhibit a sale. Buyers are trying to picture themselves in the house, not see you. Eliminate personal photos, unique colors and person effects. Decorating your house to sell and to live is very different and we want your house to sell. Ask Larry Halpin for advice. Place mirrors strategically so the buyers can actually see themselves in your house.

Misrepresenting your Bonita Springs, FL house is a surefire was to upset buyers. Make sure you show your home in its best light, but there is no false advertising. Curb appeal is huge in Estero. It’s what potential buyers see first; you want their first impression of the house to be a good one. Make sure the lawn, trees, and the outside of the house are in prefect condition.

Following these simple steps can help you sell your Florida home quickly and getting the best value you can.

Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Naples

Monday, August 1st, 2011

It’s a different world for first time sellers. Today’s buyers-take all bonanza is making sellers realize they need to pay at the closing table, sweeten the deal a little bit, and spend more time and money to get the home camera-ready. Larry Halpin can help get your home ready to show to potential buyers and walk you through the steps of selling your home. Having an agent help you can releve a lot of unnecessary stress.

The measurement of the house isn’t how much you can get from the sale of the house anymore it’s from how much you enjoyed living in the house. Larry Halpin can help get the most for your home.

Although it would be great if you could make a substantial profit from the house, it’s just not realistic. Work with your agent to price the house realistically from the beginning. Most of the interest in a house in Naples comes in the first two to three weeks of listing it. Take advantage of that with a house priced reasonably, you will be competitive from the start. How a home is priced is important a few thousand dollars could mean showing up more often in search results.

Be prepared to lose some money. Your house is worth what buyers are willing to pay and not a penny more. If you’re not prepared to lose some money you will be holding on to your beautiful Bonita Springs home until the market recovers.

Have your agent promote your home. Reach the home’s target market. Figuring out who is most likely to be interested in your Estero home and how to reach them is your best bet. 20-somethings live on their smart phones, QR or Quick Response codes may work best for them. Is your target empty nesters? Having a phone number where they can instantly talk to someone is best for them. Know who you want to see the house to and promote to them.

Throwing in extras is a trend in Florida. If something is difficult to move, leave it for potential buyers, it may sweeten the deal. Clear away clutter. In smaller houses clutter can mean the difference between quaint and cramped. Kitchen and bathroom counters are often forgotten in the clearing away clutter process. You want your house to be somewhere between clutters and sterile.

Most home buyers are lazy. The last thing new home buyers want is more chores. Make sure your house is move in ready. Make all the necessary fixes, trim the bushes and trees. You want the buyers to feel like they can move in and not spend the first weekend doing the chores you didn’t want to. Your competition is make their houses in FL move in ready, you should too.

Make your upgrades count. The biggest thing you can do to a house that will have the biggest bang for your buck is paint and replace carpet. Soft neutrals are recommended since they are easy on the eyes and have mass appeal. First time sellers in Naples can make the best out of the buyers market with these simple tips.

Mistakes Homebuyers Make in Naples

Friday, July 1st, 2011

There are several mistakes that homebuyers in Florida make and many of them pertain to their mortgage. Whether you find your dream home in Naples, the perfect property in Bonita Springs or a home you can turn into your dream home in Estero, nobody wants the mortgage to ruin the fantastic experience of buying a home for sale in FL. Larry Halpin is here to help!
Here are a few tips to avoid a mortgage disaster:
Check your credit score. A bad credit score means you pay higher mortgage rates, and you want to know what to expect before getting to that point. If you check your credit a few months before applying for a loan you can change mistakes and even higher your credit score.
Don’t apply for other credit, like an auto loan or credit card. You look like a bigger risk and your rates will go up, if you’re approved at all. Wait until after the approval process is finished completely before applying for other credit.
Look at your total house payment. A mortgage payment includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance, or PITI. Some homebuyers don’t factor in taxes and insurance into their overall mortgage payment. So when deciding how much you can spend per month on your house, remember to factor in everything.
Having seasoned assets will help improve your chances of being approved for your loan. You can’t just transfer money from someone else’s account to make it look like you have money. The money needs to be in your accounts for a few months.
Steady work and income are a factor in being approved for loans. If you change jobs often an underwriter will look at how often you change and if your income is consistent. They want you to be able to make payments every month.
Get preapproved. Good preparation helps you get a good mortgage. Make sure you can qualify before you go house hunting. Look at different banks for the lowest rates. But don’t get too caught up with the game.
Don’t forget to lock in your mortgage rate. Rates change constantly and if you’re happy with the rate you have, lock it in. Don’t assume your rate is locked in until you get it in writing.
Read your new loan and mortgage documents. Make sure you understand and agree to everything you’re signing.
Follow these tips and you can be in your dream home in Florida soon enough!

Negotiation tips for sellers in Naples, Florida

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Sellers are sick of hearing about how this is a “buyers market.” Homebuyers are demanding so much right now. Here are some tips to help you take some of the stress out of selling your home in this market.

Don’t mention deadlines for selling your house, even if you have one. Keep it to yourself. Letting others know you are in a hurry to sell gives them the upper hand. Don’t share too much information about yourself and why you’re selling either. That can hurt a potential sale. When asked why you’re selling give a vague and definite answer, and think about it before you’re asked. Don’t hint at your desire to move quickly. Don’t let the buyers know if it’s a divorce sale. That is code for buyers to give a low-ball offer because they know you need to sell quickly.

If you can’t afford the mortgage payments and that’s why you’re moving, try negotiating with the banks. They will generally work with you to lower payments when they know you are actively trying to sell the house. It’s good for the bank if you sell your house in a regular sale, so they may be willing to work with sellers in Naples, Bonita Springs OR Estero.

Stop trying to prove that your house is worth buying. Let the house sell itself. You are attached to your house but potential buyers aren’t, yet. So try not to be there, so they can see themselves in the house rather than see you. Plus if you’re not there buyers can’t read your body language and ask you questions that could help them get a good deal on your house.

If you’re truly in a hurry to sell and you don’t have time to convince buyers that you’re not, try offering the agent an incentive. Make an offer short term, like for three weeks, and then you’re not stuck if six months down the line the sale is made.
Having a plan b is also a great idea in FL. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Expand your options rather than panicking. Renting out the house is an option. Making it known that you have a plan b will let buyers know you aren’t desperate to sell and can take your time. The buyer will know they aren’t the only game in town.
Take back some of the power in selling your house! Larry Halpin will help you get what you deserve.


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