Things your Naples Florida Listing Needs

Photos and the description of your house are very important to getting the home to sell quickly. You want to capture the audience and make them want to know more about the house.

Highlight unseen amenities mention the oversized garage or the amazing views. You want to draw people into the house with more than just the number of bedrooms.
Be specific. Mention exactly which updates you’ve done. Like brand new counter tops. Use brand names for appliances. Mention the newly resurfaced pools or the walk in closets.

Use the right adjectives. You are trying to peak the interest of a buyer, but too many fluff words can have the opposite affect. Be honest about the house and describe it correctly, but don’t stretch the truth. The buyers will be disappointed when they see the house in person.

It doesn’t matter if your home is in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero. If you are honest in the description and use the correct adjectives your home will sell quicker.