Tips for Your Walk-Through before Closing in Naples, Florida

Before you sign on closing day, you want to make sure you walk through the house and note all potential problems. Although you are very excited about new home and moving in you need to complete this important step. Go slow and calmly through the walk through, do not rush this step. You may regret it later.

Schedule enough time for your walk through, at least 30 minutes if not more. You are going through a house with a fine toothed comb and need to be as detailed as possible for the home inspection. If you can schedule your walk through 24 hours in advance that’s best. So if a problem arises, there will be time to fix them before the closing meeting.

Turn on and off all appliances and lights. Just to make sure that everything you need to work, works. This few tips will help you have a painless closing day and then you can enjoy your new home in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero.