What is the current status of new construction in the Naples FL real estate market?

The Naples Florida Real Estate Marketplace when it comes to new construction buying opportunities is back on track.  Naples and Bonita Springs Florida are unique when it comes to upscale, gated communities with full amenity packages to include golf courses and tennis complexes.  I use the term upscale which is most certainly not intended to be taken lightly.   New construction pricing will start in the high $100′s with no topside price range which can run in to the millions.

What is the current status of new construction today?  For the 1st time since the housing market crash of 2007, residential building permits in the city of Naples are on pace to meet or surpass pre-recession numbers.  To meet this additional work load, the city’s building department is adding four positions.

For all general purposes, Naples and Bonita as we know it today, did not exist for all practical purposes 50 years ago.  Naples and Bonita Springs is a young, vibrant community with MANY ‘things to do’ at all time of the year.  Having lived here for almost 20 years, I can honestly tell you that it is a fabulous place to live at any stage of one’s life time.